New & Reconditioned HM-HDPE 220 litre Narrow mouth drum

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New & Reconditioned HM-HDPE 220 litre Narrow mouth drum Others

Product Description

New & Reconditioned HM-HDPE 220 litre Narrow mouth drum
Advantages of the Narrow Mouth Drum
  • Optimal Draining
- The optimally drainable Narrow Mouth Drum reduces liquid residue to less than 100ml when emptied at an angle up to 20° resulting in less wastage.
  • Easy cleaning for multi-trip use
- The smooth, seamless walls and optimal draining make for quick and thorough cleaning at lower cost.
  • Environmentally friendly
- Minimal residue when drums are empty means easier recycling and less problems with disposal at the end of the drum’s useful life.
  • Lower transportation cost
- Lighter tare weight against metal drums means savings on transportation cost.
  • Long service life
- The drums can be utilized for up to 10 trips, depending on the products packed and transport conditions, it is important, however to refill the drums with the same product or substance of the same product group. Before every shipment, closures and seals have to be checked and replaced if necessary.
  • Inert, corrosion free
- Minimal risk of product contamination even under extreme climatic conditions and when stored outside.
  • Suitable for hot fill products
- The drums may be used for hot fill products of up to 80°C. Special venting caps are recommended to avoid a vacuuming effect.
  • Suitable for gaseous substances
- Special degasifying closures are available for the tighthead L-Ring drums and are liquid-tight to avoid the build up of overpressure.
  • Space saving qualities
- Dimensional compatibility for loading into international freight containers.
  • Product marking
- Identification by means of silkscreen printing, stencilling and labelling is possible.
  • Visually attractive
- Less susceptible to impact damage than steel drums. The drums do not require repainting.

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